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Sea-riding on RNZN ships
Spirit of Adventure



TS TAUPO has two Crowns (fibreglass boats used for sailing and pulling), three kayaks, and 2 racing Feva.

Cadets at TS TAUPO are fully supervised when learning how to use the boats and may attend a sailing course once they are a Leading Cadet to help further their knowledge of sailing.



Sea cadets are constantly supervised by senior cadets and the unit officer. To be able to become one of these great senior cadets you must sit unit exams initially. Then as you progress  you must attend a Junior Leaders Course to become a Leading Cadet and then a Senior Leadership Course to become a Petty Officer. Whether or not you are nominated for a course, it is at the unit commanders discretion you attend. Once you are at the Leading Cadet rank and higher you are able to take  on more responsibility, teach cadets of a lower rank and take a squad.


Adventure Camps and courses

When in the Sea Cadets you have the chance to attend camps and courses. Courses are generally at defence bases such as Waiouru Army camp, Linton Army Base and Ohakea Air Force Base. Camps are often organised with other units (TS TAUPO usually has at least one camp per year with TS AMOKURA).

TS TAUPO is in the Central area of New Zealand so the unit forms a team for Central Regatta and National Regatta. Regattas are where you compete against teams from other units in activities such as sailing, pulling, first aid, rope work and much more.



You will be taught firearm safety under strictly controlled conditions by fully qualified instructors trained by Defence Department personnel.   The cadets are first taught TOETS which includes stripping the rifle, cleaning the rifle, and easing the springs. Cadets are also taught  at the unit with unloaded rifles, how to aim, squeeze the trigger and correct breathing.


Games Night

Once a term we have a games night at TS TAUPO. All the cadets and generally the officers join in. Our last games night was held at the unit and the cadets played twister (where they did literally get tied up in knots!) and Pictionary (the officers joined us here and there was fierce competition between the teams). Other things we do are like bowling at Bowland, Porirua and we are planning to go mini-golfing sometime next year.


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