The Sea Cadet Association of New Zealand (SCANZ)

The Sea Cadet Association of New Zealand was formed in 1991 as the recognised civilian support
organisation for the Sea Cadet corps (SCC). The Sea Cadet units had previously been supported
by the Navy league of New Zealand.
SCANZ is comprised of a National Executive in Wellington and Support Committees in each
Sea Cadet unit all across New Zealand.  The President, Secretary and Treasurer of the
National Executive are elected every two years by the membership. 
The purpose of the National Executive is to make policy for the guidance of Unit Committees
and to liaise with National stakeholders such as the Navy, RNZRSA, NZCF (NZ Cadet Forces)
and NZDF (NZ Defence Force). The National Executive is also responsible for the provision of
assets such as boats and boat equipment and in some cases Sea Cadet buildings.
The local SCANZ unit committees are responsible for the management of the unit assets and
for local support such as fundraising for Unit events and smaller assets.
SCANZ is an incorporated society under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and is a registered
Charity under the Charities Act 2006.


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